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Getting Frequent HP Printer Driver Errors – Connect with our Experts

We are all getting more and more depending on our PC and the devices we need to organize as well as manage our daily work routine. For example, when it comes to the computer you need a printer in order to complete your job. Just like the other PC related device, HP Printer Driver requires their own applications for functioning at all.

The software system is the driver of every hardware devices. Most of the devices are incorporated in Windows by default, because of this the Windows obviously support it. However, we will need to remember that there are devices which will require an additional driver or another software to function in the first place. This is applicable to the HP Printer Driver.


HP Printer Driver Error


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HP Printer Driver – Installation Error

In the bundle of HP Printer Driver, you will be offered an extra driver with a number of useful software applications. They will help you greatly with HP Printer Driver troubleshooting and many different software features, applications. You can not compare this package with the simple inbuild Windows Driver.

You will find that the HP Printer Driver software installation is more than a little complicated when you compare this to the other software drivers. And yes some of these HP drivers take a lot of space on your device.

Now in this kind of installation for HP Printer Driver, there is a huge chance of failing to install the driver in your HP Printer. In the outcome, you will get an error stating that ‘fatal error during installation’ or ‘driver fatal install’. In the error details, you will find version mismatches or error codes and file names.

HP Printer Driver Error – Simple Hacks

Simply you can fix this HP printer driver error with the help of reinstalling. However, sometimes the device needed to be rebooted before you try attempting reinstalling. In order to do the installation again, the system needs to be prepared for the same.

Then again in some of the cases, it can get complicated for example the HP printer software is more complicated compared to the other available. In this type of cases, even one failed installation can affect the following reinstallation efforts. And resulting it to fail again.

Cause of this failed attempt

  • The presence of some of the locked files left after the previous attempts for installations.
  • Registry information files are the reason for failed installation.

Easiest Fix

So now before you install you will need to uninstall the previous files. By doing this you will make it possible again for reinstallation. Here are the easy steps to uninstall your HP driver.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Uninstall option is in the remove or add programs

Moreover, you may fail to locate the software you need to remove when the previous installation attempts are ceased in the initial stage.

Unable to Locate

Due to this reason, it will not display in Control Panel uninstall items. So now the removal cannot be done by using this process. Here are the other options for you:

  • What you can do is to utilize a cleanup software to remove the unwanted files and also repair the infected Registry. Here you can use your own cleanup utility to fix this issue.
  • By using this you can clean the corrupted Registry files which are blocking software from the installation. This cleanup utility will not actually delete those files but only will be placed over those files.
  • There is another way to completely clean the system by using a scan. This will not only fix this issue but also clean the entire system. This way the HP entries can also be removed.


Operating System – Issues

Remember if your present Operating System is XP or Vista, the chances are high that your Windows installer is already infected. Download the Windows installer and try reinstallation again.

  • With the help of administrator rights open a command prompt
  • Now you will need to write ‘msiexec /unregister’ and click Enter
  • Once the command get finished write ‘msiexec /register’ and again click Enter

Driver Removal Utility

You can use the driver removal utility introduced by the HP. With the help of this, you can remove the HP printer driver for particular versions.

If the above-given steps failed to fix your issue contact our HP Tech Support team at the toll-free number. They are always accessing various Error fixes that will produce the best security for you.

Other Fixes

You can try these steps:

You can clean up the temporary installation files by running a disk cleanup tool

In order to prevent the DLL files from locking up, you can stop the HP services utilizing the manage PC option


HP Printer Software – Reinstallation

Once you succeed in removing the pre-installation files by using cleanup the Windows installer will start running normally. Now you can reinstall the HP printer driver software. Please examine the user manual of the printer for more information.

If the installation still fails, do not hesitate to call us at our Toll-free number +1-888-516-2397. We are here to save your precious time and money. You can easily avail the Technical Services by calling on the number. Get immediate fixes for most complex or common problems.


Last Verdict

Remember to prefer using the latest HP driver, it will help you in more ways and will be compatible with other more updated devices. The older driver will only offer restricted features and possibly corrupted files. 

No worries even if you fail to resolve, call us at our toll-free number and our dedicated and expert HP Tech support for New Zealand customers are available 24/7. 


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