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Resolve Lexmark Printer Offline Error on Windows 10

The printer is one important electronic device that serves as a good alternative to the photocopy machine. It is because of the quality of the prints are much better than that of a normal xerox machine. Lexmark printers come in the list of those printers which delivers good quality printing But users often face issues while using it. One of the common error is Lexmark Printer Offline.


Want to fix Lexmark Printer Offline Windows 10 issue? Go through the article and have a look at the reasons for the occurrence of this error and how can you resolve it. We have a range of alternative solutions for you.  Our team of experts has come up with some of the easiest remedies to solve the Lexmark printer error. Go through the following steps that can help you solve the technical issues on your own.

                                                               Lexmark Printer Offline

Need to know about Lexmark Printer Offline Error

Lexmark printer offline is the error code that pops on your computer screen with a message that your device is failing to communicate with the printer. Usually, when there is a connectivity problem occurring between both the computer and the printer, such error message occurs. So, the status of the printer on the computer is displayed as offline. However, with all technical devices, there are issues that come along. Therefore, try out the solutions when your Lexmark printer says offline and check whether the tricks work for you or not.

Resolve Lexmark Printer Offline Windows 10

Here are some easy steps that you can follow to solve your Lexmark printer error. Go through and apply these on your own.

  • Choice 1: Check if the connection between the computer system and the printer is properly established. For that, you should carefully examine the all the cables and wirings of your connecting devices.
  • Choice 2: Open the setting of your printing machine on the computer then check the printer status. If the status says that the printer is not active then enable the option.


The printer driver is the primary hardware that is responsible for the working the printer. So, if the fault is in the printer itself, then, in that case, you might need reliable assistance who can help you settle this issue.


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