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Troubleshoot Common Xerox Printer Problems with Easy Solutions

We all believe that better productivity comes with the better technologies and Xerox printers are maintaining their legacy in the industry of printing over a decade. They are stand out because of their technology. But as it is with every machine we use in our daily life it will show you errors from time to time. Go through the article, this can solve your Xerox Printer Error.

Xerox printers are especially known for its superb build quality. It also gives you low budget printing, as well as the printing speed, is high enough.


Common Xerox Printer Error

You may have faced different issues with your Xerox printer. And the main thing is you are not alone. Too many users have a lot of problems with Xerox printers. Let’s take a look at the common problems

  • Xerox Printer Paper Jams
  • Printing task taking a longer time to complete
  • Xerox Printer Error 20
  • Xerox Printer Error 52
  • Printing quality is not good enough
  • Xerox Printer Error 74
  • Xerox Printer Error 30

There are lots more which comes with a specific error code. As you go through you will find some easy solutions to these errors. Let’s go with the solution.

Xerox Printer Error 20

Hardware related issue is the main reason for the error code your printer is showing to you. A problem in Imaging unit or the Main Charge Grid can be the reason. Even if your printer’s toner cartridges can cause you the problem. Try these easy fixes to solve them.

  • Firstly, remove the Imaging Unit and then re-install it. Make sure you have locked that imaging unit into its place when re-installing it. If you still face the issue you may have to replace it with another one. Well, before replacing it check whether the problems are in other parts.
  • Still having the problem? Let’s check if the Main Charge grid is the reason for this. Simply remove the main charge grid and install it back. If the problem arose due to a temporary error in the Charge Grid this step can easily solve the problem for you.
  • Turn off the printer and turn it on again after some time.
  • If you see the error again it will be better to take help from professional engineers. Call at the toll-free number of Xerox Printer Customer Support and get the best solution from there.


Xerox Printer Error 20


Xerox Printer Paper Jams

This is very common with most of the printer. It doesn’t really matter which printer you are using Paper Jams can happen occasionally with any printer. Here are the possible reasons behind the paper jams on your Xerox printer.

  • Presence of any jammed material in the path of the paper
  • The paper alignment was wrong
  • The Quality of the paper used not good

Do the following things to solve the issue:

  • Inspect the paper path and remove if any jammed materials are present
  • Make sure the paper you are using is supported by the Printer and it’s good enough to use the printer.

If the paper jam is happening frequently then you need to clean some part of your printer. Follow the instructions given to clean your printer.

Paper-pick rollers (a)
Use a lint-free cloth with 90 percent pure isopropyl alcohol and clean.
Paper-feed rollers (b) on the Lower Tray Assembly
Clean the Paper-feed rollers by using the same tricks that is use a lint-free cloth with 90 percent pure isopropyl alcohol.
Duplex Unit
Use a lint-free cloth with 90 percent pure isopropyl alcohol.

Xerox Printer Error 30

If your Xerox printer showing you an error message containing the error code Error 30 this may be because of the uncleaned sensor. Try to clean the sensor to fix this issue. Follow the steps to clean the sensor.

  • Firstly, turn the printer off and then open the printer’s front door.
  • After that Remove the Imaging Unit:
    • Turn the two thumbscrews counterclockwise loosen it
    • Then, turn the lower lever 180 degrees counterclockwise.
    • Slide the Imaging Unit out of the printer and cover it to protect it from light exposure.
  • Now, use a clean and dry cloth and wipe the sensor
  • Then, insert the imaging unit again
  • Finally, close the printer’s front door and turn the printer on


Xerox Printer Support


These steps are really tough to proceed. So, it will be better to get in touch with experts to solve the issue. Go to the Xerox Printer Customer Service Portal and start a conversation with the best engineers available there.

Printing quality is not good enough

This can happen that your printer is working fine but the end product you are getting that is the printed page is kind of worst. A problem in the fuser of the printer or in the cartridge even in the toner can be the reason for the bad quality printing. Let’s try these fixes to solve the problem

  • Try to adjust the fuser. In some model of Xerox Printer, the Fuser can be adjusted manually in some model of the Xerox Printer. Check if the fuser is adjusted properly or not.
  • Make sure you have installed the proper driver or not. Installing the proper driver software is important to keep your printer error-free.

Xerox Printer Error 74

You are shown the error message particularly because of the error in your printer’s fuser. Try to remove it from the printer and re-install it back. Then check whether the problem gets solved or not. If you are still getting the error message then you need to replace the fuser with a new one.

Concluding I’ll say it again seeking the expert’s assistance is the safest option for you to solve the issues with your Xerox printer. If you are looking for a reliable place where you can get the cost-effective solution then Xerox Customer Support is the best place for you. Call us on our toll-free number +1-888-516-2397 to solve your issues with instant solutions and stay connected with us to avoid further errors.


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