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Solve 5 Common Xerox Printer Error with Easy Solutions

Xerox printers are one of the printers which serve the basic requirement for both professional and personal usage. It has changed the printing technology as a whole. Perhaps, this is the main reason for its worldwide popularity. However, you may face some Xerox Printer Error in the course of use. Although, no need to worry about that! With simple easy to fix solutions, you can ditch the error in the first place.

In case of any difficulties during the process, you can directly get in touch with our expert professionals. Our Xerox Printer Support team consists of certified engineers and technicians, they can resolve any of the issues you may face. Our certified specialists are always working in the background, so that, you get the best solution each time. Here, are the 5 commonly Xeror Printer Error you may face in the course of use.


Xerox Printer Error


5 Common Xerox Printer Error and Simple Fixes

These are not the only problem you may encounter with the printer, as a matter of fact, you may face some other issues too. However, these are the most commonly reported problems.

Slow Printing Output

Nothing can be more frustrating than to wait for your printing to happen. Slow printing is basically related to the printing setting or the memory issues. For a large file if you choose high-quality printing option, then its quite possible that you might face this problem. Try to reset your settings back to normal, after that try printing.

Paper Jamming

Paper jamming is another common Xerox Printer Error faced by the users. There may be various reason for this, but mostly related to dust or ripped paper. In that case, check the feed roller, if you find any alien particles, cleaning the printer will do the trick for you. Sometimes, misalignment of the paper may cause this issue too, check the paper tray and reset the paper, if needed, then try printing again.

Poor Quality Printing Output

The Printer is working fine, but the printing quality is not good enough. Well, there could be a number of reasons, but the most possible reason could be the toner cartridge, sometimes if the driver settings mismatched then this problem won’t be an alien to you. You can also check the paper settings to determine the main existing problem.

Unable to Print

This is another problem that you may face with Xerox Printer. First thing, you may want to check, you sent your document to the right printer. After that, check if the paper tray has enough paper to print. Once you make sure these points and everything appears to be fine, then you need to check the printer driver, a corrupted driver may create this problem too.

Power Issues

Sometimes even after plugging the power cable, the printer is not getting any power supply. If this is the case with you too, then in the first place, you need to check the wall socket, if possible try some other wall socket. You can also check the power cable, whether its supplying power or not. Replacing the power cable might do the trick for you.

Xerox Printer Support


Connect With Our Experts And Resolve The Issues

This is not the only solutions we provide, this is just the glimpse of what we can serve you with. We have a team of experienced tech specialist who can help you to resolve almost all the possible errors you may face in the course of use. So be it any issues, reach our Xerox Printer Technical Support Number, the moment you face a problem.


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